Why it's time to move on

Posted by Ewa Jozefkowicz on Jan 17, 2020 2:33:45 PM

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Just as the classic floppy disk, or the Commodore 64 have had to evolve over the years since their dominance in the 80’s, management information systems (MIS) used in schools, have also moved on. In fact, now there are several viable MIS providers in the market, each offering something different for schools - from clever new features and apps to price competitive bundles. This is great news! Strong competition in the market means a huge opportunity for schools to seek out the best deal - just as we did a decade ago, when we realised we could switch energy suppliers, or bank account, in just a few clicks!

If you work in a school though, we know the last thing you’ll have time to think about day-to-day is your MIS provider. But, the MIS used in most schools has become so de-prioritised that it has remained in place, and more worryingly its functionality not updated, in some cases for more than a decade. In fact, it may have been in place so long, that some of your staff won’t realise the system you’re using is an ‘MIS’ or indeed, a service that can be switched in and out depending on the school’s preference (as a number of schools have shared with us).

Why MIS matters

Your MIS is the heart of the school - it connects and powers everything you do. And while there are limitless examples of how a shiny new MIS could revolutionise the way your school runs and interacts with its communities, at its core, most new systems just have the ability to help modern schools to do every day tasks, better.

For example, ScholarPack’s MIS has been developed over the years by working with primary schools just like yours, all keen to reduce workload and admin burden like you, so you can be confident our MIS will save you time and make your life easier.

You can also access it from any device, anywhere and at any time you need. Reports can be created in just a few clicks, your DfE census return in 30 minutes, and registers and first day calling in just a few hours.

Supporting modern school challenges

Sky-high expectations on schools, workload crunches and retention headaches mean schools are operating in a tough climate. ScholarPack wants to help modern schools tackle some of their biggest time sink challenges, and that can be achieved with an update to the system that powers your school. Indeed, if you haven’t upgraded your MIS provider since the 80’s - you may now be wondering whether your office staff are also still using floppy disks!

It’s time to move on

This year, we want to focus on making sure schools know the option to switch is there for them. It will improve your school operations and it's so easy it can be done in a day. Supported by a new campaign, ScholarPack is letting schools know that when it comes to your relationship with your MIS provider, no matter how long it’s lasted, it’s time to move on. There really is something much better waiting for you - a partner that actually helps, rather than hinders your day-to-day and makes time consuming tasks a thing of the past.

BETT 2020

Our campaign will be in full swing at BETT 2020, and we’ll be pulling out all the stops to demonstrate why over 1,300 primary schools, just like yours, have already fallen in love with ScholarPack.

You can pre-book a personalised demo to see our time-saving features in action, or stop by stand NP40 at the show to experience what being in a happy relationship with your MIS could be like.

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