Options for your upcoming 3 year SIMS renewal

Posted by Thanai Coates on Nov 17, 2021 12:15:01 PM

At ScholarPack and Arbor we’ve always been advocates for choice in the MIS market - quite simply, we believe that schools should have the freedom to choose the right MIS for them.

Last week, we became aware that ESS SIMS and ParentPay have written to schools and will be changing their contracts from an annual renewal to a 3 year renewal, effective from 1st February 2022. This means that, unless schools choose not to sign this contract, they will not be able to switch to an alternative to SIMS until 2025.

The good news is, despite this news landing very late in what is already a very busy term, choice does still exist. I wanted to take a few minutes to outline options for those schools that have found themselves in this position:

  1. You do not have to accept 3 year terms. We understand from public sources that schools who have pushed back have managed to get 1 year extensions, and you should do the same. We also think SIMS is legally not allowed to force this change on you.

  2. A 3 year extension counts as a material change of your MIS contract. This means you should get 3 quotes to be compliant with DfE procurement advice. You can get quotes in less than a day using a Framework like Everything ICT - all the MIS suppliers on them have already been through a competitive tender process, and the Frameworks are designed to help you find value for money.

  3. Arbor and ScholarPack have already migrated over 4,000 schools from SIMS, and are ready to help you move in 2022. If you decide you’d like to move to one of our systems we will help you migrate your data in just 24 hours, and get you trained and ready for go-live as soon as Spring Term 2022. Remember you can give notice to SIMS now and still change your mind next term if you want to.

At Arbor and ScholarPack, we’re proud to be the UK’s most-loved MIS providers - giving schools a choice of systems which are cloud based, easier to use, offer fully integrated modules, and save you 30% on average price-wise compared to SIMS!

To support schools who would like to move MIS by Easter, we’ve put together a dedicated “fast track” programme - designed to give you and your team everything you need to decide whether Arbor or ScholarPack is right for you before the Christmas break.

Click here to find out more about our fast track programme.

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