Efficiently updating personal data

Posted by Ewa Jozefkowicz on Jul 12, 2019 11:29:19 AM


We sought the help of our associate education expert David New to put together some top tips on how to update student and staff information efficiently on your MIS.

Personal data must be updated

You must ensure that personal data is kept accurate and up-to-date under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in force from 25 May 2018.

Ways to update information efficiently

Check if your management information system (MIS) has a function for printing off or emailing a copy of your existing personal data records for each individual.

You can then give a copy of this to each individual, ask them to correct personal data which needs updating, and return a copy to you.

You'll need to verify this is transferred securely, either with your MIS provider if you do this electronically, or through putting printed information in envelopes before handing it to individuals.

Some schools give students' personal data summaries directly to parents at parent consultation evenings, and ask them to return them before they leave. This way, you won't have to chase up data sheets which aren't returned at a later date.

Privacy notices for parents, pupils and staff

Use The Key’s GDPR-compliant model privacy notices to inform individuals about how the school uses personal data about them. There are separate privacy notices for parents, pupils and staff.

The updated privacy notices have information about: 

  • Special category and criminal offence data
  • International transfers of data
  • Automated decision-making

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