Arbor Education joins ScholarPack in The Key Group

Posted by Rich Harley on Dec 2, 2020 9:00:00 AM

We are very excited to announce that Arbor Education is joining ScholarPack as part of The Key Group. Together ScholarPack and Arbor provide 2,800 schools across the country with a modern, cloud-based MIS that offers schools a better way of working. We share a drive to make sure every school has access to better systems, and together, we can now expand this to all phases - from nursery through to secondary.

Why are we so excited by this news?

We’ve shared a healthy respect for Arbor over the years - they’ve done fantastic work building a true multi phase MIS and we’ve admired their growing team of people passionate about education. The combined team will be over 160 professionals strong - full of like minded advocates for innovation in schools.

When COVID hit earlier this year, ScholarPack and Arbor were the first two platforms to release updates to registers and roll out bubble functionality, just a few days after measures were announced. Within a week we added the ability to track and communicate with key worker parents. We share a goal of delivering for the user - right at the moment they need it most. Working together, the potential for collaboration is huge.

Combined we’ll support more schools than any other cloud-based MIS - and we’re attracting eight out of ten schools that switch away from SIMS. We’re also leaders in our respective segments: ScholarPack is particularly strong in maintained primaries and smaller MATs, whereas Arbor has really hit a stride in larger MATs. 

This puts us in a great place to accelerate cloud-MIS adoption across all schools. We believe that school staff deserve better systems and we don’t see why any school should be using an on-premise MIS in four years time. With the support of The Key and GovernorHub behind us, who already serve 16,000 schools, we’re feeling confident we can help schools adopt modern solutions, to transform the way they work for the better.

ScholarPack and Arbor are also leading the change in the way Local Authorities have diversified their support offerings. Between us we work with over 30 accredited third-party support teams meaning more local support for schools. We know that where an LA has offered schools a broader choice of MIS, cloud adoption accelerates dramatically, sometimes up to 50% within 3 years. These are encouraging figures. It demonstrates that when offered the choice, schools are eager to try new technologies.

In short, we’re thrilled to welcome Arbor to the group. We look forward to delivering excellent service and support to schools & trusts together in the coming years,

Rich Harley
CEO, ScholarPack


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