4 tips to get the most out of your MIS

Posted by Kat Norfolk on May 26, 2021 9:53:47 AM
Kat Norfolk


While you’ve been focussed on supporting your school community, we've been sharing some MIS tips on our social channels to show you how a cloud-based MIS like ScholarPack can support you - right at the moments you need it most. In case you missed it, we’ve collated all 4 of our super short videos into a helpful summary below.

Tip 1: Communicating with parents following a government announcement

You’re a school leader and the government has just made an important announcement that affects your school - and you need to get an urgent message out to your parents (a situation we all know too well)! Thankfully, in a cloud-based MIS like ScholarPack this only takes 3 clicks. Find out how in the video below.

Copy of MISHackVideo_Week1_Final


Tip 2: Monitoring pupil wellbeing

With pupil wellbeing a top priority right now, in this video Charles takes us through how a cloud-based MIS can help you on your journey to tackling wellbeing in your school.

Copy of MIS hack video_Final_Week 5


Tip 3: Managing clubs

With many after school clubs now resuming, find out how easy it is to manage all of your clubs, including registration, in a cloud-based MIS like ScholarPack.

Copy of MIS hack video_final_Week 6


Tip 4: Completing the DfE’s daily attendance form

If you’re dreaming of an easier way to complete the DfE’s daily attendance form, look no further. In this video Charles shows you how to pull a report with all the data you need in just a few clicks.

Copy of MIShackVideo_Week3_Final


If you’re yet to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based MIS and want to find out how switching to ScholarPack could support your school, click here to book a demo now.

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