Over 500 schools helped us build this assessment tool. Here's the results...

Posted by Nathalie Hulbert on Sep 10, 2020 6:50:32 PM

Over 500 schools helped us build this assessment tool. Here are the results...

The way you assess pupils will be unique to your school, so why settle for one-size-fits-all assessment tools? 

Well, we think you shouldn’t. And so, we worked with over 500 schools to deliver a highly personalised assessment module to meet your needs in more ways than one.  

1. Select your assessment method, hassle-free... 

...whether you’re using steps and stages, point in time or one of the other 50 schemes that our module lets you pick from. What’s more, you can choose whether to customise the terminology, subjects and frequency of assessments. In other words - you are guaranteed a high-level of personalisation that reflects the DNA of your school. 

2. Customise curriculum data to suit your needs

In that vein, your curriculum plans won’t look the same as everyone else’s. ScholarPack Assessment allows you to customise the pre-loaded DfE curriculum or define your own, and set new benchmarks tailored to your school.  

3. Get everything you need in one place 

Who has time to scramble around between multiple spreadsheets? Certainly not you, and certainly not the 500 schools we worked with when building this feature (did we mention we worked with 500 schools?) 

That’s why ScholarPack Assessment lets you access all your teacher judgements, standardised tests and trackers in one place, on any device. What’s more -  you can unify the way you track and report on assessment across teams ensuring complete consistency. 

4. Make swift decisions on how best to support pupils 

It’s all well and good being able to customise your assessment data and access it anywhere - but this all goes to waste without quick and reliable analysis. But before you go trying to budget for a hotshot new data analyst - note that ScholarPack assessment can do most of the work for you. 

This module delivers on-demand, up-to-the-minute reporting, allowing you to get clear insights into which children are on track, and which are falling behind, so you can make quick decisions and create more effective pupil improvement plans.

report builder

5. Track your vulnerable groups and monitor your attainment gap

And following on from the above, this reporting function allows you to track progress among vulnerable groups. 

Key cohorts such as pupil premium and FSM for example are all ready-made so you can identify correlations between pupil progress and vulnerability. For instance, do the children who are eligible for free school meals make more or less progress than those who don’t? You can then plan your intervention groups and easily demonstrate progress at governors and pupil progress meetings.

You can read more about ScholarPack’s Assessment tool here, or better still, book a demo today and see how it works in action! 


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